Сами напросились…

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Ну вот и я начинаю донимать вас своими стишками. Скажите за это большое спасибо peaceprayerу и в хорошем и в плохом смысле. Все отзывы рекомендуется направлять на devnull@martchukov.com

You’ll never say me what you know
Nor do I say you what you lie.
And such a beautiful theory,
Will never make you feel alight.

You once were little bit unclever,
You ran it deep out of your mind.
And try combining it in whole,
Will probably break thru your mind.

You’ll choose a way to be assure,
Because your feels are sort of lie.
And such a way is wiseless cure,
But way is meant to safe one’s life.

There is no way to be secure,
And lie must not be point of life.
But lie of lie is point of sure,
But will it really wheel to light?

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