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I looked through my friend feed and fall thinking… Why some of you need a logic, sheduling, etc. Why not just follow your feelings? I suppose mind itself can determine the best option to choose and sure it will do it without any intervention. It’s just the way it works, but for some people it’s a way supposed to work and so it doesnt work right. Here I saw a lot of things that doesnt exists as I believed. I saw it, cause I´ve time for such “sightseeing”. Some offline time (since kolumbius refused to activate GPRS on pre-paid card and installing Wi-Fi in dorm is a kinda of hack). Surely I’ll change my mind back after crossing the border again. But this just what fills my mind now. Or, what the hell did I say? It’d be better to have a lunch and perform a bicycle trip to Helsinki after. Already went to do it ;-)

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