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Тов. , мы таки нас отмазали. Хорошо, что в ROC есть знакомые, а в CIC on Duty вменяемые люди, поэтому одни ложь поняли, но тихо промолчали, а другие может и поняли но решили не буйствовать.

Письмо из CIC on Duty:

Dear all, (dear ROC)

The COD team has contacted the ru-NOVGOROD site for a problem on the 8th of August (old LCG version).

On the 23rd of September, there was a phone call to site admins/ ROC, where a promise was made to update the site within one week.

Now (3rd of October – 10 days after), the site is still not working. It’s been failing Job Listmatch since at least the 26th of September. Furthermore, it seems that the GIIS is not respondinng to queries anymore (GIIS down).

As a result, unless I receive an email explaining what’s hapenning and unless a downtime is added in the GOC Database, I’m going to uncertify/suspend this site so that it’s not in production anymore.

This is the last step of the escalation procedure…

Best regards,
On behalf of the CIC on Duty team – Frederic Schaer

Официальная версия:


I’m on vacation up to now and passed site management to our new employee which had not enought experience with grid previously.

There was a hardware failure and no one cared to call somone with valid grid certificate to update gocdb accordingly.

We are sorry for the inconvinence. This is my fault. This is first problem report I receive on this e-mail.

For now I’m taking the situation under my control:

1) The site downtime was sheduled to the end of october, we ordered a new hardware for the site.

2) I replaced phone number with my cell phone in GOCDB to avoid such problems in the future

3) The old functionality will be restored by myself by beginning of the next week

Anton Martchukov – site manager
Novgorod State University

Господа, если мы хотим сохранить присутствие в гриде, то особо прохлаждаться не стоит. Грид на выходных мы с Колей починим, а бы не мешало получить наконец пользовательский сертификат. И вступить, например, в rdig.

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