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Offtopic: , welcome here. Can you still understand something in Russian? I assume that all of my friends can read English and so I can easily switch my LJ to this language.

Anyhow, I did that verse I were reffering to in my previous private post. It became splitted in two parts: good and bad, the good part was written beeing on the wings of love and the bad part after that wings stop working ;-)

As always I won’t close this post inspite of the verse beeing too foolish.

You clung your head towards the sun
The sun was shining out.
Your hair got maroon bloom just once
The wind starts fluttering you.

You eyes did spill away the wave
That wave possessed me.
And hairsprings troubled by the wind
Have picked at heart on me.

But once the rivers changed their way,
The rain became a snow.
The fields of green have burnt away
On gale-shattered shore.

The wightless road I take today
Is driving under moon
That covers me from stars
… like you.

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