first impressions about this f. country

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Disclaimer: I’m not going to check grammar and read this text again to correct any errors here.

As you know I’m in Athens now seating in the computer centre of the American Collage of Greece. They have something like internet access here, but only a greek can call this “internet access”. I’m still in process of hacking up the system to have some software like jabber and firefox here, no software for now just windows 2000 and http proxy that is veeerrrryyyy sloooooowwwwww…

Well, lets talk about the road. Finland is fine, although I was there only for several hours just to go to the Vantaa airport, but anyway it was nice. After that, it turns stupid every time we approaching Greece. BUD airport is a geeky thing. They have no clock on any departure information tables, after walking in the departure area I found some clock (if it can be called by that word). Certainly it’s not a problem seems everybody has some clock device eg. cell phone, but it’s a good example of wrong designed/undesigned UI.

But it was only a begin of begining. The fact that the greece is stupid I begun understand at the airport. My passport with finish multivisa was viewed three times by different border guards, they tried to find greece visa inside, but nobody found it because there is none. They’ve got offended by that fact and stamped my passport right at the center of the page, all claver men do it at the nearest free space starting from top.

Looking for some prepaid sim card at the airport (that is a rather long story with some sort of happy end) I accidentally found , she was probably waiting for me (if you didnt believe the prev. sentence, you are right. Actually I was looking for , she is the only shiny thing in all Greece).

Everything in Greece is inverted. Ticket validating machines doesn’t validate tickets, ATM doesnt give you cache. It’s impossible to buy bus ticket after 11 o’clock, because all kiosks that sell it are closed, if you even want to pay you have no way to. All that kiosks doesnt accept bank cards. Today I was terrified with food machine in collage that wants only coins, after a day here I cant expect it to eat mastercard, but paper money doesnt work also. The air here contains gasoline and … (o, no O2 here) this because greeks dont use bike, but moto bikes, it almost everywhere. The roads are so narrow, that only gnomes can travel here without frequent heartbit. On the place with the only one road in Petersburg or even in Novgorod, greeks can fit two roads and several houses with them ;-) This is a robots-designed country.

This is a first impression, maybe I’ll get used to after several days here. Today I even had a success with getting cash out of ATM, buying bus tickets with that cash … and I’ve just bought a sim card and it even works!

Too many things at the one day, that my brain refuses to accept.

Только не мой моск … ;-)

P.S.: o my god, I see the girl near me using a a a … floppy disk …

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