ru-Novgorod-NOVSU-LCG2 dead

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To whom it may concern:

Date: Wed, 14 Dec 2005 16:18:41 +0300
From: Anton Martchukov 
To: Frederic Schaer 
    SA1 FollowUp ,
    Nicholas Thackray 
Subject: Re: Site ru-Novgorod-NOVSU-LCG2 to be uncertified/suspended ?

Frederic Schaer wrote:

> When it wants to come back in the Grid, it would have to be certified
> again by the Russian ROC.
> Any objection ?

It should be certainly set to one of those states since we experience
administrative problems with site operation.

Anton Martchukov - former manager of ru-Novgorod-NOVSU-LCG2 site

I’m not going to maintain ru-Novgorod-NOVSU-LCG2 site anymore. With our’s laboratory business practice it becomes completely useless for LHC Computing Grid and a big burden for site manager the same time. If anybody will ever want to resume site operation, he will need to certify it again in ROC. I personally may wish him a good luck and after all have a fun sex for free.

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