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I’ve found that city info in Hospitality Club is empty, so I started filling it up with usefull information.


Velikiy Novgorod (Великий Новгород) also known as Novgorod-the-Great is one of the most elder cities in Russia. Chronicels first mention this city in 859 year, but mentions about it are known in Norse Sagas as the Holmgard city much more earlier. It was founded on the Volkhov River (река Волхов) close to the Ilmen Lake (озеро Ильмень). The Е95 higway is comming through it, so it is not worst visiting it when traveling from Saint Petersburg to Moscow and back.

Top Things to See and Do

  • Riurikovo Gorodische (Рюриково городище)
  • monument to the Millennium of Russia (памятник тысячелетия России)
  • St Sophia Cathedral (софийский собор)
  • Detinets (детинец)
  • Yuriev Monastery (Юрьев монастырь)
  • Khutyn Monastery (хутынский монастырь)
  • Antoniev Monastery (Антоньев монастырь)
  • village of Vitoslavlitsy (деревня Витославицы)

Nearby cities/suburbs:

  • Saint-Petersburg (Санкт-Петербург) – 188 km
  • Pskov (Псков) – 202 km
  • Tver (Тверь) – 357 km

  • Moscow (Москва) – 534 km

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