New Crazy Antipiracy Law in Finland

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Finland recently introduced new changes to their antipiracy law. Now it affects everyone crossing a finnish border. From now on, one disallowed to carry any unlicensed copy of information products. E.g. a person will be penalized and put into infringers black list just for carrying an unlicensed CD disc (the disc without proper license markers on it).
I need to note that big consignments of unlicensed goods were forbiden before this law operation as it should be done for any criminal activity, but now this law also affects persons that incarnate their fair use right, e.g. carrying a legitimate copy of previously bought CD.
More info on embassy site: Omaankaan käyttöön ei saa tuoda piraattitallenteita
Finnish antipiracy demarche: Tekijänoikeuden tiedotus- ja valvontakeskuksen

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