Phone Tapping in Greece (Just my 2 cents)

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The software was a set of routines that allows “lawful interception” (that is monitoring of phone calls), written by Ericsson but not bought by Vodafone or used by them. Supposedly neither company knew that software was on there til they found it during an audit after people started complaining about missing calls and text messages.
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Now let’s imagine the situation with some part of humor (an imaginary story that probably never happened at Vodafone office in Greece, but who knows):

– Hey, Μανόλης, go check something, our customers complain about lost phone calls and text messages!
– O, nope, I haven’t finished this meal yet, let them wait for a while
– But, but, there are a lot of angry users actually, couldn’t you check please?
– Uhh, ok, I’ll have a look for just a moment
– O-o-o! What’s an interesting thing installed on our routers, I never saw it here before, it looks like an interception software, OMG.

Please, please, provide me more realistic case about a company that doesn’t monitor software on their production systems.

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