proprietary sex vs free sex

Uncategorized — Антон Марчуков @ 07.02.06 16:06

Some girl tries to prove me an idea that having a sex with a girl, I need to give her something more, because girls are easily obtain satisfaction than men and so I should give a girl something in exchange for a residual part of satisfaction I take over her. Uh, how I tired from unprovable thoughts like this one. I, personally, insist on a commission of experts for calculation satisfactions got by each side, or, seriously, think that sex is equally nice for each party in the process and so doesn’t impose any other liabilities than having a nice sex together. It’s well ok to have sex just to get some sex. Paraphrasing Linus Torvalds: “sex is like software, it’s better when it’s free”. Are you joining FSF (Free Sex Foundation)? :-)

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