No More ICQ

Software Libre — Антон Марчуков @ 10.02.06 17:00

From now on you should NOT assume ICQ or AIM as contact means to me. Although, I’ll be available there some time, in “emergency” you should NOT count on it. Please, use either MSN ( or Jabber ( For those of you using GTalk: GTalk uses XMPP, so it’s a jabber and you can contact me at using GTalk. If an ICQ gate on my jabber server becomes working again, I will use it as always, but due to ICQ Inc’s protocol instability, I don’t expect ICQ to be working and don’t want to spend my time fixing it in the software I like to use for IM.
P.S.: nothing personal and no flame wars here, just to acknowledge that I’m not going to use AIM and ICQ generally, but for special cases.

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