A Dull and the Progress

Uncategorized — Антон Марчуков @ 11.02.06 0:14

Reading forums I realized an idea I want to discuss here. Why? Why didn’t I see any UFOs in the sky, even in spite of the fact that it’s common for me to watch the sky and I do it rather often, but, so sad, I saw none. Also, I never finished reading one of that modern books about deciphering calendar etc, because, I always stop at the first error in the book and doesn’t want to continue, since only one error makes the full theory invalid. Than again why? I also don’t believe in modern pseudo-ecology predictions about global warming or something alike, I don’t think we should stop a progress in any way, but, now I really see one big disadvantage of the progress: it doesn’t allow the evolution process work as intended, it allows dulls to live and reproduce themselves, moreover, it doesn’t motivate them change themselves, because now they can survive without it. That certainly bad or maybe I’m just a looser.

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