Sad 2006: mobiles are failling also

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Just another post about this 2006 year that is vittu (sorry for posting abuses, but it’s really such bad). Today I’ve got 5 (whole 5) SMSes from beeline, the cell phone operator I’m currently using. The message was “out of service, service may be stopped, please, call 0611 for support”. OK, calling 0611 and,surprise, it doesn’t work out. I thought that a service is already stopped, but calling to my friend scattered this suggestion. Actually, only support desk number was stopped, so I used another number that is plain snail wire one. I’m successfully got them and were asked to wait for a minute, after a minute I were asked to wait one more minute and were listening a jazz for 7-10 minutes (do I need an mp3 player? Not really, I can use beeline’s support desk with the same effect). Ok, finally someone picked up the phone and told that they checked the fact that the messages were sent to me (oh, 10 minutes for checking this, I’d faster fax them back a certificate from a mental hospital, but they didn’t ask it thought), but that messages are not related to my phone. Nice. I’m all in! Thinking about a seasonal change of a phone number, Megafon is more expensive, but has more quality the same time. I’ll give beeline the last change first, a little bit of conservatism won’t ever bother.
OMG, hell, GPRS has failed also :-(
Vittu! Voi vittu!
P.S.: I always pay my phone bills, always in time and always in full amount, but, it seems me, it doesn’t matter.

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