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This is a comment on recent article published on Latvian web-site Шенгенская виза для неграждан подорожает. Since it’s written in Russian (you may also read EU-Visa werden teurer in German), I briefly repeat here basic points of the article: “From Jan 1 2007 EU gonna introduce a new visa for non-residents containing applicant’s biometric information. I’m not going to discuss privacy-related issues regarded biometric here, that is a topic for another long article, just note that EU already has biometric ID cards for its citizens. Since now visas will contain this information also, they’ll be more costly and so the price will rise from €35 to €60. But, as European commissar told, none of EU countries should give any preference to any country in regard of a visa process.”

See the problem? If a country wants a business with another country, now, they may not do it painless due to Schengen rules enforcement. Totally, this will result in small countries dependence on bigger ones which mean something in EU and so can fuck up Schengen rules. For example, Finland currently gives Russians one year Schengen multi-visas without any invitations, certificates and all that stuff completely in violation of the rules. And EU closes eyes on it, since Finland means something to EU and so it can fuck up the rules, but, when Latvia or Estonia will join Schengen soon, will they be able to do such violations? I guess they wont. Somebody doesn’t want EU to be an economical union anymore, somebody wants it to be a political one too. Will they build an iron curtain than? Who knows, try reading q-funk’s Immigration: la Finlande au banc des accuses article, there you will find an answer.

And some words on terrorism and security, cause all that biometric stuff and border tightening are proved as a measure against a terrorism. How much terrorist actions against EU do you remember 2-3 year ago? Do you have an idea on why terrorists and not only them hate USA? And now imagine, how much people will hate EU after such an activity they proposed to do. Ι guess a lot, so what will this action achieve other than spreading a hate and so terrorism against EU as in whole?

EU still can’t accept a common constitution. EU as a political unite model is already compromised, let’s see how it will turn out in the future.

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