Discovering Music Playing Daemons

Music,Software Libre — Антон Марчуков @ 03.03.06 21:11

I was always too conservative with music playing software and has been using xmms for a long time. After migrating to unicode locale, the problems with xmms as gtk1 application appeared and I moved to beep-media-player. Now, guess what, I have upgraded to testing and again a crazy bug prevents me from playing music! BMP begun to mute without any particular reason, maybe when I open IM and other windows, can’t say definitely, but it does mute!
Thus, I decided that a time for trying mpd has come. mpd is meant to be run as a system daemon process, user can connect to it with specially designed client and tell it to play music using special protocol over TCP/IP network. I’ve aptitude-installed mpd along with gmpc client. What can I say. It does the job, it plays music, what else do I need? Last time I begun realizing an idea of simple interface that is not overloaded with lots of features. From a music playing software I want one thing – playing music. mpd+gmpc play music, so I’m ok with it. Of cause, I also want some advanced playlist management features that for e.x. Rhythmbox has, but, I think, I can live without for some time. Anyway the two clever solutions I see are: set up a separate box as a music server, buy specially designed music-playing hardware. First option gives you more control, but the second is more simple. I really don’t know which one I would prefer at that moment.

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