OpenSolaris Battle

Software Libre — Антон Марчуков @ 13.03.06 20:53

After discussing my OpenSolaris from Free Software point of view with Sun Microsystem guys, I added some significant corrections in the way towards less-subjective view. Of cause, there is still a dissension on license issues, but, this is never ending story.

Current corrections:

1) Notebook was running windows with OpenOffice. They did prepare a presentation on Solaris, but could not get it work just before the presentation.
2) Sun Studio is free for any use up from 11th version. The mentioned issue related to Sun Studio 10.
3) It may be that Maxim didn’t answered “Yes” to the question on Linux superiority in his case. It was really noisly there, but as for me, I got it as he did say that.

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