Finnish Border and Time Machine

Travel Notes,Finland — Антон Марчуков @ 17.04.06 11:47

According to the exit stamp in my passport, I’ve passed the RUS-FIN border at Vaalimaa on 15th, but the man in the queue before me passed it on 16th. Do you think it’s impossible? No, not on the finnish border. Actually that was 16 April 2:30 AM by the finnish local time, but the frontier guard forged the stamp. With regard of this fact it will be difficult to get the next visa, but, I’m so indifferent to find fun in this. But for all of you, be careful with finnish frontier guards, at the first sight they are silent, but this silence means that they can just silently play you a trick. I saw a lot of blaming russian guards, but, on the russian border it’s only question of an argue with frontier bureaucrat, they won’t silently stamp you the wrong stamp, won’t silently close your visa etc. The later is possible on the finnish border. People, be careful. As for me, this case allows me to also lie in the consulate. If they lie on the border why can’t I do it in the consulate?

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