On Learning Foreign Languages

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Last time I faced a problem of those who basically learned a foreign language to the level where he can read foreign texts without troubles, but, when the things come to a fluently speaking they meet a problem here. And I don’t think they (at least those who did asked me about) have insufficient vocabulary for this, it’s just a lack of practice and unwillingness to pass “the border” after that you can speak fluently, probably with a lot of errors, but the way when others can understand them and such a speaking doesn’t pain them. I sure everybody faces this problem learning a new language and especially when it’s the first one.

And the link to Alliance Française (Nattie, thanks for the link, as you see this example may be very congenial) came to my mind. The idea is just to collect the people wanna speak a given foreign language at the one place and let them communicate with each other on any topic they like. Why can’t we organize alike alliance here? I think it will be helpful if we find enough people to join in and we may not restrict ourselves by one language, I guess some people will like practice speaking Japanese. So the language is a meeting-specific property. So how do you like the idea?

З.Ы.: для тех кто читает со словариками. Тут предлагается создать аналог Alliance Française в Великом Новгороде, но без привязки к какому-либо языку конкретно. Основная идея – собрать всех желающих практиковать оральный скил разговора на каком-либо инстранном языке вместе, и позволить им разговаривать на этом языке на любую тему, которая им понравится. Для тех, кто не имеет досаточной языковой практики, или просто боится, такой способ вполне должен помочь начать говорить. Если найдутся желающие, то, ведь, мы вполне можем организовать такой альянс в Новгороде?

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