On SORM and the government interception

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Several month ago our office was visited by people from russian police that brought a Linux-running PC and plugged it into the outgoing network backbone as a part of the lawful interception program (SORM) that was invented several years ago by our government. Then, I though about it as yet another formal law that is not obligatory to observe, but now seems the situation is not so encouraging, cause the interception system is now really running in our datacenter. Although, I don’t know which actions it performs, but, it can sniff everything that goes in and out to the void of our network. I’m not a paranoid, but, all the mail servers I happen to maintain now support TLS encryption and use it everytime it advertised by another party. And that’s what I advice everybody to do. Still we can use encryption for protect our privacy, so, why not to use it?

No, I don’t see an enemy in a face of the government, I just worry about security of such interception systems and trustworthiness of the people that have an access to it. Security may always fail. Than more interception software we have, than more abilities of illegal use of such systems are open. That’s my point in this question and above is the actions I take to protect myself.

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