Now I have a bike also

Cycling Mania — Антон Марчуков @ 28.04.06 21:37

Today I bought myself a bike FORWARD BAVARIA. Since I don’t know whether I need a bike at all and which one either. I decided to buy a simple model fist, since it costs so low (apr. 100$) that it’s not a pity to buy even if you trash it away on the second day. I also did a trip from french courses to my home. Well, what to say, it really wheels, but, it seems me too heavy and since it has only one speed, it’s difficult. Also last time I biked half year ago for a short period of time, this probably may also pay cost. As of pleasant, the bike is ready out of the box with all electrical equipment.
Don’t know how much time I will be able to use this bike, but, it’s better than going myself.

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