On the Bleeding Edge or What the Testing Brings On

Debian GNU/Linux — Антон Марчуков @ 12.06.06 20:59

Today I spent a day upgrading to the current Debian testing distribution. It’s already evening and I happy that the process has finally reached some usable stage, but let’s begin from the beginning.

As you know, Xorg 7 was recently uploaded to Debian and already migrated to testing. Xorg 7 is a big transition since it won’t organize its own X11R7 hierarchy, but instead will go into standard FHS paths such as /usr/bin, /usr/include and /usr/lib. I have printed out the list of known workarounds from Debian Wiki, but, none of the bugs described there affected me, instead I’ve got a lot of undescribed bugs:

x11-common package in testing distribution is uninstallable. At least for me as of Jun 12 2006. It seems to be removing symlinks/directories and than complaining about their nonexistence. I’ve tried to create them manually, but, the package removes them anyway and then complains that they don’t exist. I gave up and tried the package in unstable. That one worked as intended – good.

– s3 driver. I still can’t run Xorg with s3 driver for my video card. Running with it, my system freezes. I’m now using vesa driver and will investigate the problem soon.

– Font paths. Some font paths have changed. I manually changed entries in xorg.conf to make it see all the fonts I have.

– xorg.conf debconf configuration. I was unable to generate xorg.conf by dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg. I overwrote md5sums in /var/lib/x11 and did a lot of other tricks, but still unable to autogenerate it from debconf values. I’ve fixed xorg.conf myself

I’ve also ended with my udev configuration not working. The problem with udev is that it now requires “==” sign for equality not “=” as previously, so, e.g. rules for creating /dev/modem symlink now looks like: KERNEL==”ttyS1″, SYMLINK+=”modem”

Everything other seems to be working or I have not met a problem yet. Anyway, that seems to be a good work, “testing” is what it means, it’s for testing. So I discourage everybody unfamiliar with Linux from dist-upgrading to current testing until the Etch freeze. There was a lot of important transitions. But, if you wanna be a tester, than, go on.

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