Gmail and other globalization: worst things

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I would not talk about Gmail features cause this topic was already covered virtually everywhere. I will simply note points that prevents me from using the fully integrated Google services. And I also would not talk about database privacy, data mining and all that Google-realted stuff, the meat here is simple “single password”. Google has a Single-Sign On system (SSO), the ability to use single account record for signing into different services that support it, e.g. you can use your Gmail account for logging into Gmail itself, Google Jabber Service GTalk, Google web services like Google Groups and what else they may have. Google primary idea is to keep and search everything, so, all your e-mail is keeping into Gmail, now all you GTalk chats may also be stored into Gmail, and what else can they do in the future? And access to all this information is so simple as knowing the single password from your Google Account. I have a lot of important information into my e-mail, it’s private information, password from different services, my domains has been registered with my gmail address, I see no point why I should count on Google for keeping this information less than on e.g. my local ISP, they have qualified stuff and computer resources necessary for keeping my information save, but

– I will think a bit when entering Gmail password on my computer (I may have been infected by some trojan software, but it’s not likely, so I won’t doubt).
– I will think twice when entering Gmail password on other’s computer cause I can’t be sure that it’s not infected by some virus or trojan software. I simply won’t ever enter it on a Windows PC if I’m not absolutely sure that it’s ran by a person who can at least prevent it from an accidental compromise.
– And of cause I will never enter it on another site that just uses Google Account for authorization.

That’s why I will not use GTalk untill it starts using another password that gains no access to information stored in GMail. I simply don’t want to increase the number of points where breaking one of them will brake the full system.

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