Vyshny Volochek: the Weekend I Have Not Been in HEL

Travel Notes — Антон Марчуков @ 14.08.06 14:13
Yup, last weekend I have not been in Helsinki, instead, I visited my grand mother living in Вышний Волочёк. It’s a town where Peter the Great had constructed the Mariinsk Canal System connecting the Volga river to the Baltic Sea. It became difficult for me to live on a country side without those modern things like centralized water-supply, broadband internet connection, POSes and ATMs, etc But, for two days it’s well ok. I used a chance to:

  • Walk in a forest to pick up mushrooms. It’s not about those mushrooms that make you hallucinations. Potato with mushrooms is one of my favorite dishes.
  • Fix a hole in a broken roof. I’m not a roofer, but it does not drain anymore ;-) Can I say that I have my hands growing from a proper place?
  • Tested my bank support. Answering the question about a place were I can withdraw my money, they advised me to visit Moscow. Ahh, yeah, it’s a Moscow bank, they know nothing outside the Moscow Automobile Ring Road
  • I biked on a water bike. When I biked by the river outside the town I got a knee pain. Happily I was able to get back and some time later the pain has vanished otherwise I might got unbikable for several month. The rent cost is only 30 RUB (apr. 1€) per hour, probably that’s why they have no money for a lubricant
  • Russia has good railroad connection. No, it’s really good whenever 17th coach stops far away from the platform end

Sad that I had no chance to meet that was in Novgorod the time I was visiting my grand mother, anyway, hope to see all of you soon.
P.S.: I will come to Helsinki either this or next month. Actually, we plan a bicycle trip Vyborg – Helsinki – Turku – Stockholm, but it’s not known yet weather we have enough free time or not. If not, than I will come myself.

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