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On the full next week I and will be on the tour Vyborg – Stockholm – Vyborg, we are losers and can not say an accurate schedule, but precisely it should look like:

Sep 01: we leaving Novgorod (14:25) and go to Vyborg (22:34) by trains via Saint-Petersburg. (18:05 – 21:02). Here we bike in the Torfyanovka direction where we will cross the border.

Sep 02: we should cross the border at Vaalimaa and bike until Hamina, somewhere near Hamina we should sleep since we ant robots. On the morning we go forward to Porvoo via Elimäki, Lapinjärvi and Pernaja since this road is not a highway and we can bike on it in case we fail to find an appropriate bicycle track. In Porvoo we should meet Jukko who plans to bike with us to Turku. To the mid night we should be right in Helsinki, where we can rest and get prepared to 3th September.

Sep 03: this day is planned for meeting with friends in Helsinki. We can burn in sauna, drink beer, etc, etc. Since I was on trip during my birthday (September 1st), that may be a late mini-birthday party. I never liked to celebrate my birthdays, but, alas, people ask me to, so I have to celebrate it anyway ;-)

Sep 04: on this day we should bike from Helsinki to Turku, if we won’t we will miss a ferry and make the full trip untrippable.

Sep 05: we take a Silja Line ferry to Stockholm departures from Turku at 09:10. Ferry arrives to Stockholm at 19:15, so we have plenty of time for drinking beer onboard.

Sep 06: Kavabonga! We are in Stockholm. Unfortunately none of us has an idea what to do there.

Sep 07: returning to Turku on ferry 08:00 – 20:10

Sep 08: getting back to Helsinki

Sep 09: and backward to Hamina

Sep 10: crossing border and we are at home, sweet home. Than again we returning to Novgorod by trains. We should be in Novgorod at 20:35 of cause if we won’t die during the trip.

So far, so good. You still have a chance to disturb me calling on my finnish mobile number which you can found on my website.

Total distance planned is about 1000 kilometers.

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