So, what shall I do next?

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My latest communication with a Google’s recruiter shown that they need me to have at least a bachelor degree in order for them to be able to support my work permit in Dublin or Zurich where they currently have positions open. That’s not a question of working for Google or getting a degree. I can happilly live without those things and without anything other. But my life is sad nowadays and thus I need to change something in my life dramatically. I think about several ways to solve this situation:

1) I can do a telestudy in legal or economical field. Either first or second one will benefit my experience and the same time I will have a legal degree. While telestudying I can keep my current job and money I get from it.

2) I can find a remote job that can funds me while studying full day. Using this option I can get a degree in the field I might have an interest in, e.g. math linguistics or smth.

3) I can move to the country that does not require any degree for a work permit.

4) I can change nothing. My current salary is more than an average in the region where I live and I should be fine happy with my current life, the problem is that I do not. So this way is not considered to be a solution.

5) Anything else?

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