Taking passwords to the grave

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Two weeks ago I though about what will happen if I accidentally die. I’ve found myself participating in rather big amount of different organizations and communities and this amount is increasing each year. All those communities are somehow count on me at least to the step where knowing about my dead is important for them. But, since I mostly use electronic means of communications (that’s not only due to my computerized brain, a lot of communities I participate in are truly international and hard possible to exist without modern communications).

Again, since I mostly use electronic means of communications the process of notifying about my dead should be quite ambiguous and long – that’s very bad! Some of my close friends might find that I am no longer available online and will once call to get the details, but, what can they do then? They neither know whom to notify nor have authority to do it unambiguously. I even did not give the revocation certificate of my PGP key to somebody I can trust. Also, the post to my blog about my dead should be much more reliable, right? But nobody than me keep my passwords and they will die with me. Definitely, this should be somehow dealt with.

I think preparing a set including a key revocation certificate, some password lists and a list of people whom to notify is a wise idea. I will give this set to several people I trust, so they will not meet problems with authoritative notification about my dead. Right?

Actually, this post was inspired by CNET News Article found on Bruce Schneier’s blog. And, no, I am not depressive, but paying attention to my life style everybody should realize that a chance for me to die is more than the average for a bunch of random people around.

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