Canadian French Keyboard Layout

Uncategorized — Антон Марчуков @ 08.10.06 10:06

I have tried canadian french keyboard layout and it looks quite usefull. It have replaced even three layouts for me, those are us, fr and fi. Since it’s a QWERTY layout, I could enter english texts without problems (AZERTY was rather confusing), also it has all french accents needed along with a trema, so entering finnish texts is also possible. And all those possible using the same keyboard layout. So, I left only primary switch to russian, and a hotkey of window manager that calls setxkbmap replacing russian with greek and back again.

As of problems. I’ve got accent characters not working in Opera. That was a bug that disapeared after upgrading to the latest Opera version. I don’t know. It may not be Opera bug, just some incompatabilities with QT version, since I use testing it well possible. Also punctuation characters are messed up compared to what I’ve got used to. I should probably get accustomed to this, but will look for native canadian french keyboard thought.

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