Catching Santa Clause

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Interesting topic about how did you break a Santa Clause myth? Early in my childhood I begun to think rationally and of cause believing in the myth of Santa Clause on the flying deer was very hard. None of the people around me could explain how this flying thing works, how santa places so much gifts in one night and finally how it is possible to force locks on the door to get in. Almost everyone was explaining this as a magic. I do not say that I did not believe in magic when I was young, but that was not an explanation anyway. I did not care whether it’s a magic or any other nice word, but instead I was interested in practical things. From my point of view this was: “ok, let it be magic, but how does this magic work than?”.

Being interested, I decided to check this myself. Of cause the first that everybody can propose is that a magic is a lie and it is your parents coming through a flat door and placing gifts under the christmas tree. This idea is not difficult to check. I did a simple alarm system. I used a chocolate foil for the connectors placed on the door. When the door was closed, the foil lists were connected with each other allowing the current to go through a reverse relay which kept another circuit broke. That circuit included a noisy engine from the toy car. I was very young and did not know yet how to make an alarm using a simple transistor-based scheme and I neither had a mechanical alarm. The engine from the toy car worked just fine.

It was rather impossible to open a door and not disconnect connectors on it. Since I did this scheme openly a week before the new year, my mother tried to consult in the university where she worked about how she can walk around this alarm scheme and place a gift without me being woke up by the alarm sound. Of cause nobody advised her something simple because nobody had an idea about how to do this.

To her happy she had no need to walk around this scheme, cause I did it too early and after several days I disassembled an alarm myself. The parts of it like an engine and a relay were needed for my another toy so much, that I decided that Santa fighting can wait till the next year.

But it did not wait. That year a gift was a programmable calculator. It had a manual and a warranty certificate inside and after small investigation, I’ve found a stamp of the local store there. The image of a Santa buying gifts in the local radio store was so unbelievable, that I came to my mother with all my objections and she finally gave up. From that time I skeptically threat what other people say and try to check everything I have a doubt on.

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