IBM SOA conference

Uncategorized — Антон Марчуков @ 24.10.06 17:10

Today, I was on the conference on SOA and WebSphere by IBM. That guys rocks! No, really! They can speak seven hours about WebSphere inspite of the time zone difference (it was a deep night for them according to the time in New York). The topics covered and the way it was done are quite good. There are not much usefull talks nowadays, but that was one of them. I did not say that we need WebSphere so much, but in sense of basic understanding and an overview the talk was well done.


– They did not cover a topic about disadavantages of WebSphere


– Nice lunch and dinner by IBM
– Free T-Shirt (not everyone got it, but I got one, so I have no need to buy t-shirts this year)

In one word, I did not waste my time today. Does someone need me to deploy WebSphere? :-€

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