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Everybody knows what is a queue, that is also known as FIFO – First In First Out. Long time ago I decided to collect my tasks in the todo application inside my PDA. Now I am realizing that this application is a kind of complicated /dev/null with FINO methodology – First In Never Out.

Too much is stored there:

Language Aliance
Another community to participate in? But, I have only 168 hours a week, so it will be hard for me to organize and wheel so much of the communities.
Border passing how-to
I did some in the form of the blog posts, this should be enough. Having it in order is good, but it is not relevant this time.
rus-ispell package
We have got contributed patches. Globally, we need to deal somehow with ispell and think about Unicode. Also, I have problems with contacting the upstream maintainer. We have patches that should go to the upstream.
Make Belarusian spell dictionary in Debian
I cannot find native speakers that want and have a time to work on it. Basically all of them say that it is a good idea, but claim that current dictionary is not nice and should be reworked before including in Debian. I cannot rework it myself, I do not know the language. But I can prepare a package and find a sponsor to go into Debian. It clearly seems that Etch will not have Belarusian dictionaries.
Mail server how-to
This should be useful to document the design of LDAP-driven mail servers. I know that some of you may be interested in this. Maybe I need to prepare a talk for LUG meeting also? I received some request of ongoing meetings and some also wanted to give a talk. So, shall we think about having next Novgorod Linux User Group meeting?
fortunes-lor to Debian
Should be funny to have fortunes with quotes from in Debian. Having such a package, I will not be lazy to make fortune output somewhere somehow. Ah, yeah, I had a question with copyright issues here.
Plone Feed Agregator
The idea is to replace default news component in Plone with the tool like PlanetPlanet that makes news feed by agregating several rss and atom feeds. For our bike club planet I have patched PlanetPlanet to filter against rss category fields also known as tags. This feature should also be there. Problem is common – laziness.
Translate bike trip reports
We have them only in Russian. But the work is going on and I should publish the first one very soon.
Karjala – kieli, murre ja paikka
Nice book about Karelia by the Institute for the Languages of Finland. I wanted to translate it from Finnish language, cause I like Karelia and want to share this passion. The book is really quite good and they have it on their web site, but only in Finnish language.

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