Sarge, Testing and New Plone

Debian GNU/Linux — Антон Марчуков @ 03.11.06 15:59

We need Plone 2.1, but it depends on Python 2.4 that pulls new libc and a new kernel with it. Did anybody try to upgrade from Sarge to the recent testing? We decided not to upgrade to testing cause it will require to upgrade the kernel.


Vivat Debian! With a will-power we were so brave to upgrade the kernel. The server is in Germany and is fully remote controlled, so we cannot press a reset on it or get access to hardware console. But, it was upgraded well-straight using aptitude that removed current kernel, installed new one, upgraded libc and asked to reboot. Nervously we did a reboot and … no, it did not crashed, we boot into the system with a new kernel.

The last uptime was:
15:14:02 up 227 days, 15:21, 5 users, load average: 0.15, 0.08, 0.06

It’s a pity to lose 227 days of uptime, but, anyway we will have to do it when Etch releases.

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