You’ll Need a Medical Presription to Bomb a Plane

Travel Notes — Антон Марчуков @ 07.11.06 9:48

No, really, according to new rules for hand baggage at all airports in the European Union you cannot:

– carry liquids and gels in containers with a volume of 100 ml or less;
– these containers may only be carried in a transparent plastic bag;
– each passenger may only carry one such transparent plastic bag;
– the volume of the transparent plastic bag may not exceed 1 liter;
– the transparent plastic bag must be re-sealable;

But, with some exceptions

– baby formula that is required during the flight;
– medication that is required during the flight

So, if you planed to bomb a plane using liquid explosive, do not forget to get some medical certificate allowing you to bring some liquid on the plane, if not, you can consider bombing it some other way, of cause.

P.S.: can someone borrow me a transparent zip-lock plastic bag to place my deodorant and tooth-paste inside? They seldom deliver luggage in time and I will miss those things :-)

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