How To Escape From Athens

Travel Notes — Антон Марчуков @ 19.11.06 12:24

Either this bad or not, but I returned from Athens where I was with all the past week. The back trip went always prevented me to return, but I escaped from there inspite of nothing.

It was early morning when we were in airport. I managed not to look round and it was quite a success. I boarded the plane and forced myself to think about nothing. We were delayed for just 10 minutes in order to pass another plane in the take off queue, but after waiting almost 20 minutes LGAV airport was closed due to weather conditions in Athens. It was very foggy and almost nothing was possible to see. We were asked to wait for 50 minutes. I tried to do my best, but the imagines of constantly appeared and vanished afront of me so near that it is impossible to touch. After 15 minutes, ATC allowed us to take off anyway and we did, kindly guarded by the airport lightings.

This was not in any help and I remained in vain maniacal dream during all the flight to Amsterdam. The connection flight to Helsinki has been gated to another gate, but as this happens very often I found it without problems.

After an hour I was in the air, but after an hour and a half we turned back and begun approaching Schiphol again. Due to a small technical problem on the board, the plane could not continue flying and had to land in Amsterdam. The plane kept slowly descended and softly touched the runaway as tender as… ahh… It did not seem to be an automatic land, and, as cleared later, it was not. The problem was with an automatic landing system and so the plane was landed manually. After several hours of waiting in the airport we boarded another plane and went towards Helsinki.

It was foggy and rainy in Helsinki, not much cold, just raw. The weather inside was alike to the one inside me. Inspite of the plane being late, I still had a time before the bus, and I walked along the railway near the central railway station. Not much people roaming there under such a weather, trains constantly moving in the overall silence. It was a melancholy. I thought about nothing and all the imagines almost left me for that time. Almost…

Deeply tonight we crossed a border with EU. The finnish frontier guard stamped my passport and asked: “Where you have been?”. I told that I was in Helsinki, he seem not to believe, but who cares anyway.

P.S.: I have switched off my mobile phone for some time (till Tuesday). I do not want to see anybody and wanna be alone at least two days. Take my excuses for that. Will try to fall asleep now…

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