Nothing (that’s more about nothing than nothing)

Uncategorized — Антон Марчуков @ 02.12.06 1:41

It is not about lost enthusiasm, I think I still have it (a little bit of it of cause). But it does not seem to be a laziness also. And writting this I know that it won’t help in any way to cure, but for logging my current condition it’s ok. In the future I’ll be able to view back and realise how much I have changed (frankly speaking, how much I have not changed of cause).

I know what to do and how to do. The problem is that I do nothing. Should I change a job for a week or two to try another one? As I already wrote, a janitor should be the right choise. I could take a vacation, be employed as a janitor, work two weeks and than get myself a discharge and continue working as a software developer. Could work? And the cv with “enterprise cleanliness deployment” skills should be rather splendid.

I have finnished the last parcel of lakritsisekoitus. To get more I need my visa be reissued. I know there are rather long queues before new year, so, shall wait till that crazy holidays be off. I hate all those ongoing holidays forever.

Brainslugs are attacking my brain. Oh, wait, it’s already there.. my brain.. my mind.. are you here..

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