Swan Lake

Music — Антон Марчуков @ 05.12.06 23:58

Today I was in the theatre watching this composition by The State Theatre of Classical Ballet of Saint-Petersbourg. It was a long time from the last time I’ve seen any ballet. So, I rather impressed.

I do not remember whether I already told that I’ve spent almost five years of my live in the dance studio of Velikie Luky town where I lived in my childhood. Athough the compositions we appeared with (at that time we had twelve ones) was variety-oriented, we had much of choreographic lessons. We even had a compositions with ballet elements, but it was danced by our girls only. It seems that we (men part) were probably too unchoreographic to dance that stuff unlike from our girls. Ah, and do not think too much here, I really danced in that studio and we really were on tours in Varna and Pinsk, but inspite of this I do not know how to dance and completely unable to.

So, today’s ballet remembered me all this…

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