Graphlcd Test Unit Soldered

Uncategorized — Антон Марчуков @ 08.12.06 11:54

Some time ago I wrote about Graphlcd Project that aims on supporting some LC displays connected to PC. I have a small WinStar display that is supported by this library and yesterday (actually today’s night) I have soldered mine display to the LPT port and powered it from the computer’s power supply. Nice, it really works! I was able to display “Terve!” using converted ttf font and an image with PlayBoy sign that was in the tarball of graphlcd.

The planned use for it is to display information about current events on my PC, e.g. whether I have incoming IM/E-mail messages, whether some specific friends are online, etc. When I lie on the bad I always miss this information and with this display I can get everything I need there.

To finish with the unit I have two choices:

1) Find a case and long LPT cable and place the display near my bad. That’s simple.

2) Find a way to project the image to the ceiling. My display has a luminescent backlight, but it is not bright enough. I think I can project it using just a lens when it’s dark and this will work perfectly as a nice night clock. But to have some information on the ceiling all the time I need to think about some different projection scheme. Episcope comes to my mind, maybe it could be done this way?

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