Failure, Again

Uncategorized — Антон Марчуков @ 16.01.07 18:52

It clearly seems that gods are angry on me. That server that had SCSI problems, we have replaced the controller there before new year and it has been working for almost a month. We even moved some databases and sites back, but today, yes, today I planed to move mail server back and it. it has failed, Yes, it’s has failed with scsi problems. What the fuck? Why did not it fail during a month of testing, but why now? When it’s already half in the production? Surely the problem was not with the controller, but with old controller it was unable to stay a night or so. After replacement being made, it has been working rather long time, enough to state that the problem was caused by raid controller failure, and now it treats me again. I look like a man with debilitated nerves, I think I need to start taking valerian roots each day, but if such a tendency continues, I really worry for my mental condition.

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