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Travel Notes — Антон Марчуков @ 22.01.07 21:31

Today along with , we gave an interview to TV company “Славия” regarding Hospitality Club. I must say that the opinion that I am a zealous member and activist of this community organization is too far from true like almost everything what others think about me (oh, eh, let me have some unconcealed modesty here).

Yes, I have good responses on my profile there, cause I was helping foreigeners spend their time here, showing the town, drinking beer, dancing on disco (believe it, cause it’s true). And my friend was offering accomodation for them (unfortunately, I just have too many people living at my current home now). We really spent nice time with all of them without exceptions), so probably that’s enough to state that Hospitality Exchange idea works fine. I saw a lot of interesting people comming here via HC, yeah, it works fine.

But, I was never accomodated by someone simply because I have never asked to. The places I go are incredibly same and I have my friends there which are the purpose of me visiting those places. Some of my friends are HC members too, so, yuuhhuu, I can say that I have got an accomodation via HC ;-) But, I am a bad tourist. The reason for me to visit some place is either a business or a friend that I want to visit. All those buildings and other tourists attractions were never attractive for me. And even when I bike to some far away place, I mostly enjoy the road itself and the process or driving a bike, but not some tourist irritants as it should be with “an average modern person”.

I probably should drop everything and plan a big bike trip for several month. That should help me to get in and experience what I have not experienced yet. But… quagmire, sloth and too much bug-words over.

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