How It is Like to Live with Three Surnames

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Previously I thought that I can easily live with this, but, no, I am affected to the same issue as a lot of Russians with long names and/or surnames. I have exactly three my surnames in use, they are different, but all of them are mine. Due to some international agreement, Russian Federation was using French transliteration rules to translate cyrillic in passports, so, I was known as “ANTON MARTCHOUKOV”. For use in Internet I have stripped the ambiguous “O” from my surname and it became “MARTCHUKOV”, this one is my favorite, I have asked several people and they said that this option is the best for my surname. That nice, but, in current passport they begun using English transliteration rules and now according to the passport I am “ANTON MARCHUKOV”.

All of this surnames are in use. Basically, every brain-stuffed human can identify that MARTCHOUKOV, MARTCHUKOV and MARCHUKOV is probably the same person, but with the use of computer processing that no longer works! Today, KLM web system declined to automagicaly charge my flying bonuses on my Flying Blue card, because the surname in the ticket does not match the surname on the card. And it seems that if I go to use online checking kiosks they will kick me out, also, because the name in passport does not match the name in ticket, on card or anything other.

And what should I do? Either I need to rebrand my surname to “MARCHUKOV”, the one I do not like and then start sending a lot of rename requests to everywhere, or, maybe I just need to change my real family to the one that will transliterate to “MARTCHUKOV” using English rules and hope that they wont ever be using French one?

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