If you were me, would you move to Doha?

Travel Notes — Антон Марчуков @ 02.02.07 15:34

[15:16:22] <elgaidi> good morning
[15:16:38] <antonm> good
[15:16:43] <elgaidi> my name is ayoub el gaidi, i gote your details from your website
[15:16:56] <antonm> ok
[15:17:42] <elgaidi> i’m looking for a full time senior programer based in doha – qatar
[15:18:02] <antonm> which field?
[15:18:07] <elgaidi> i a very well known media company
[15:18:16] <elgaidi> web developemnt, system admin
[15:18:19] <elgaidi> linux
[15:18:24] <elgaidi> mainly php
[15:19:09] <antonm> that’s interesting
[15:19:14] <antonm> which company?
[15:19:38] <elgaidi> Al Jazeera Children’s Channel www.jcctv.net
[15:20:27] <antonm> what’sdue date and planned salary?
[15:21:49] <elgaidi> the annual salary is around 35k usd + furnished accomodation + health insurance

I feel I need to change something in my life dramatically, but is not this too dramatical change?

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