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Are Arabic Countries meet a large development of IT infrastructure now? I have just received another job offer, now in Kuwait, but the offer is 1100$ without sponsored accommodation. Do they really think that somebody will be programming for food or what?

we are a start-up company in Kuwait, looking for a full-time php
programmers to develop some web 2.0 projects.

we will offer you 300 KD (~ 1100 USD) basic salary + rewards based on
the performance of the projects you are working on. You will be one of
the first employees, so there is a good chance to move on of you have
the right managerial skills.

we will offer you basic health insurance.
at this time, we dont offer residence.

as we grow, we are planning to have google-like working environment.

if you agree to our offer, please send me a copy of your passport.

Heh, working for food on some web 2.0 project in Kuwait is not in my plans for now, but if the state of ennui and depression continues I will have to try something even more adventuristic or I will simply fade myself.

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