Sping, Tires and Physical Condition

Cycling Mania — Антон Марчуков @ 27.03.07 15:18

I bought Schwalbe Stelvio tires for 1090 rubles (40$) per one. Last Sunday with we had a chance to test it (sorry, the photos I give links to are low quality).

First of all, it seems that spring is coming. The day was sunny, rather warm at the day and still cold tonight (I guess around zero), sadly I forgot my full-palm gloves and felt uncomfortable during the night part of the ride, but my palms are still here and work as intended :-)

Tires are good, I do not often feel well after spending money, but this case is an exception and 80$ was not worst wasting. The tires inflate to 6-10 bars, for the test we have inflated them to almost 10 bars. With such a high pressure you feel every defect of the road, but gain a great increase of speed and the time for acceleration is significantly small, I did not feel much friction from the tires, on any part of the good surface it just rolls forward from the light touch.

Unhappily, the road to Luga is in almost breakdown condition, so the speed increase is valid only for small repaired parts of the road. The vibration from wheels is mostly eat up by the fork and lining gel of the gloves, but I would rather deflate tires to 7-8 bars in addition since the race speed is not a big concern for me anyway.

Puncture protection and tire durability from the first sight seem to be reasonable. That day I have passed 180km mostly on highly broken asphalt and it did not affect tire at all. Of cause it is a small trip to make a conclusion, but I biked on the broken glass, small stones of different forms, edges of asphalt holes and unpaved roadsides and did not meet any puncture yet.

As for stability. This is dual-compound tire, the primary central thread is clean and plain, but when you make a high turn or slide down from the surface you make use of slightly denticulated silica stripes on the tire sides that provide some stability. Good on asphalt, rolled ground and stone crumbs. On the sand the tire is not stable, but that is a common problem for thin race tires, so I just did not expect stability on the sand anyway.

That’s all good, but I forgot about a very important part of every bicycle – the padding between the saddle and the handle bar. And the padding appeared to be real scheiße. It weakened during winter time and lost its physical condition, so the speed was shameful and the fact of reaching the home town again was a great surprise :-)

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