April Fools’ Day in Finland

Cycling Mania — Антон Марчуков @ 04.04.07 12:58

This April Fools’ Day I biked 60km on cyclo-cross around Espoo. I did not plan any bicycle trip that weekend, but after calling it appeared that he has a bicycle for me and surprisingly it was a cyclo-cross. Recently I got a lot of brain-attacks regarding my road biking and the cyclo-cross was targeted as a great option. It’s heavier than my current road bicycle, but I know that was just not my size. The only thing I know definitely for now: the road shifters are the right thing! And this is not an april fools’ joke.

This road is simple and is only 60km, the main purpose for the trip is to enjoy biking take a sandwich at Veikkola:

The day before was a Debian meeting. Ok, I will try to come on Debconf7 in spite of all the paper work required for this. Also, I should have something like a week or maybe two weeks that can be spent on some long or not so long preferably bicycle trip somewhere in Europe. Anybody has any ideas or, maybe, willing to make the trip together? I just still have this part of my free time unassigned, so ideas are welcomed.

Big kiitos to everybody who hosted me and prevented that weekend from being straight and tedious.

P.S.: OMG, I am in a great Coke® addiction :-(

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