Planned trip: Vottovaara, 5/05 – 11/05

Travel Notes — Антон Марчуков @ 01.05.07 12:11

From 5/05 till 11/05 we will go on a hike to Vottovaara, the highest point of the West Karelian Hills (between Himola and Sukkajärvi villages) where at the place of earthquake ancient Sámi people built a worship complex 6 square kilometers size with approximately 1500 sieidi-type stones. In Russian this mountain is also called «Смерть-гора» (the mountain of death) due to a Russian partisan detachment has been annihilated by Finns during the war at 1942. Forget to tell that there are a lot of anomalous phenomena tales regarding this mountain, but be sure that I do not believe in mystic and do not plan to find anything anomalous there :-) On 6/05 we will reach it.

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