Back from Vottovaara

Travel Notes — Антон Марчуков @ 11.05.07 23:08

No, I will never understand you. All the people go to the south and you came to the north.
© the attendant of the Kostomuksha – SPB train

I am back from Vottovaara. The weather was evil, only a day without rain in the full week and that one day we climbed the mountain, but did not find constructions of ancient Sámi. Other days were cold and rainy and we stayed at our camp place in the forest near the mountain. First night was hard, the earth did not heat yet and it was like sleeping on ice. Twigs of fir placed under the tent solved this problem and I may say that the overall trip was quite nice and safe adventure. Our target is not fully fulfilled, we have reached the mountain, but did not find ritual monuments. Further trip to Vottovaara should be planned.

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