Edinburgh, Scotland, the United Kingdom

Travel Notes — Антон Марчуков @ 19.06.07 0:57

It has been two days that I already in Scotland. Both KLM’s flights were delayed, but I seem to get used to it and Schiphol has a nice floor to seat on while waiting for the delayed flights :-)

And about the UK and Scotland…

Funny country, everything here seem to be inverted and this is not about left traffic pattern, but the bus stop in the Edinburgh’s airport that is inverted and turned to the road by the wall side, so to get into the bus you need to go out of the stop and then go round it. Nice. Who can explain the logic in this?

First hour twe arrived we saw a street fighting just at the center of the main road. Some kids were kicking each other in front of the road traffic, some were watching this from the pedestrian line. After a minute the police came (pretty fast I think), but kids seem to escape quite fast.

You need not ask, I did buy myself a kilt and knee socks and even wearing them right now. Pretty useful wear actually and it does not cold at all even in Scotish weather.

And the weather. Small rains, constant drizzle, sun, ah, here was something like this for an hour or so. But it’s well ok at least for me. It’s really is not that bad and not much time is needed to get used to it, And when you got, the weather seems to be very stable.

More to come later of cause…

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