New Place, New Job, New Life

Travel Notes — Антон Марчуков @ 04.07.07 16:43

I did not post for a while, but now when current state is clear I can summarize it up with a promise to post more detail stories later.

1) I have relocated to Saint Petersburg
2) I have changed a job and now working in SperaSoft Company
2) I rent a flat near metro station
Grazhdansky Prospekt

Good is that something is almost finished somehow and have reached some stable state for some time. Bad is that I have found roaches in my flat and will have to get rid of them. I also do not have a computer at home yet, but gonna solve the problem this week.

My beloved is living at my place for the summer holidays and that is enough to overcome everything bad listed above.

If you do not fear roaches and some disorder you are welcome at our place.

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