Solitude Unleashed

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One of the great advantages of solitude is that you are completely free in what to do and so are able to done some tasks that are impossible to do at first sight.

Recently I have bought myself a new computer because the old one was left with the family at home. This new PC has rather strange, but mostly convenient in cost/features terms motherboard ASRock P4VM890 on which there is some VIA UniChrome Pro on-board video chip. When I installed Debian it had no driver for it and existing “via” driver did not recognize the card, so I was left with terrible 60Hz refresh rate.

Yesterday, I have found that the driver for my card is still under development and is available under experimental branch of openchrome project. Tonight I have checked it out and built and voilà, it works at least in 2D mode. The refresh rate is now 75Hz that is good with the monitor I currently have.

3D acceleration is still not working, so I am in question will I just leave it alone and buy a decent 3D card or continue hacking to make it work. I think the first option will be better.

And the wine with cheese for the dinner is nice also. Do not know why people care about food preparing abilities at our modern age.

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