My plane, It drown in the bog

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Yesterday we have bought a small radio-controlled plane in the toy shop for considerable price. When the box was opened it appeared that plane has only two control channels and only one control axis. It supported only rubber turning and switching on/off the engine. The level of engine was not controllable as well as the rubber axis too. The inscription on the box about excellent flight characteristics was not much inspiring and you can understand why if you open some flight simulator and try to control plane using only rubber and switching on/off the engine completely.

Today we did first flight testing on the plane. Ok, at least it flights, but keeps constant climbing to the left. Controlling plane with the rubber is not much of help, when you set it left/right the plane just soars up then fall, stabilize and flight in the opposite direction. So now plane has been landed to the center of the Murin’s bog. The antenna of the remote control was broken by me being angry (yup, I became rather nervous last time). So after flight testing we have neither plane nor money and will be eating rice till the middle of next month.

Do not be fool like me and do not think that controllable plane can cost a considerable amount of money. Or if you have one run it at the place where no bogs lay around if you are not so skilled that can drive the plane using the rubber stuck by clue tape and engine that can only either run or not.

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