Motherboard Reloaded

Uncategorized — Антон Марчуков @ 29.08.07 12:45

My motherboard has been replaced to the same one ASRock P4VM890, it’s real shit, but it’s cheap and has a lot of cool features like SATA, PCI Express, RAID etc. And last, but not least, not that much motherboards fit into my Micro ATX box. The previous one seem to be burn out after I have connected a new HDD to it, do not know what went wrong after such a simple operation, but that motherboard would be nice decoration on the wall.

Well, now I again have a computer at home. Dream about Nvidia PCI Express video card with TV out, so I can watch movies from the bed the same way we watch horrors each night…

I have a birthday in 3 days, btw ;-)

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